About Us

Kaitlin’s Hideout is a play center for children with autism and other special needs, as well as an informational, social and emotional support source for families of special needs children.

Owned and operated by the mother of a child with autism, we are very aware of what families are going through on a day to day basis.

As a small “grass roots, ground breaking” organization we strive relentlessly to provide support for parents and caregivers.  We provide a place where they can go to gain resources, ask questions and get answers, as well as “feel understood”, and “feel the love” from others that are on the very same challenging journey.

We stay up to date on a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional therapies/interventions, including but not limited to, homeopathic, biomedical, nutrient supplementation and diets.  We help families navigate through the massive amounts of information out there on these subjects and strive to guide and support them in making important decisions about their child’s treatments.

Dedicated to spreading autism awareness and educating the public, we help families far beyond their visit to our center.

We also have special activities and events…

  • Parent Support Meetings
  • Teen and Tween Social Skills Groups
  • Parent Support “mini workshops”
  • Birthday/Holiday Parties
  • Special “targeted” needs programs
  • Yoga therapy nights
  • Dance Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Host school community outing trips
  • Host community trips for residents of several “group homes”


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