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Coming Soon, Weekly Events and New Hours of Operation!

Be on the lookout soon, for new event postings, new hours and much more support!  We  are in the process of planning a fall and winter schedule.

Many families have expressed their desire for more support, and more chances to network/socialize with others.  Parents are also asking for more social opportunities for their children on the spectrum with their peers.  We will deliver!

We have secured a small additional space that will allow us to plan more activities and events.

Here is a sample list of what we are working on so far:

Lego Night/Afternoon, with tournaments.

Yoga sessions, for child and parent.

Teen social events.

Hygiene classes for our tweens and teens, fun and interactive!

Puppet shows.

Webinar events.

More frequent parent support meetings.

More parent support workshops.

GFCF cooking classes.

And MORE……..

We are also in the process of planning before and after school care for your children, we need to get an idea of how many families are in need and for what hours.

Please send us your input, suggestions and comments.  This place is for you, we want to provide what you want!:)

Peace, love and happiness always!



Please Purchase a “Embrace Unique” Boost Tee and Support Us!

Back in July i wrote a post about Project Boost and the organizations desire to support us by launching a fundraising project to raise the funds we need to contine our work, read here.

The project was launched July 31, and ends Tuesday August 14, at NOON!

Time is running out and we desperatly need your help to support us!

These specifically designed Boost Tees, have a heartwarming message tied to them. It is my wish and the wish of all parents of children impacted by autism and other special needs that our children be accepted in society for their uniqueness.

Children and adults with special needs have powerful ways of influencing our society with their unique abilities, they have so much to offer this world.

Some of the most inventive and influential persons in our history are said to have had a form of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Thomas Jefferson, Wolfgang Mozart and in recent times Bill Gates.  Where would we be today without most of those eccentric historians?  Think about how unique they were!

Leo Kanner, is also said to have had asperger’s syndrome, as one of the first child psychiatrists, he and Hans Asperger (after whom asperger’s syndrome was named) discovered and brought the first attention to the disorder in 1943.

As a child I struggled with my own sense of uniqueness, never quite fitting into one group.  It wasn’t until recently that i learned that I too, have a form of autism. Extremely fascinated by people from all walks of life, I had friends from every imaginable category and still do to this day.

I think that is why I never fit into suburban life. Having grown up in one of the most diverse communities in Chicago, my soul, to this day aches for that input, excitement, thrill and amazement of the unique, the diverse!

Today, i embrace my own uniqueness as well as others with autism or other special needs.  Not a day goes by that i don’t stop for a moment in amazement at the abilities and creativeness of the children that visit my center.

It is a well known fact that children with disabilities are fiercely loyal, honest, pure in heart and kind. They are also leaders, they march to the beat of a different drummer because they feel, hear and experience the world in a way most do not.

Please “Embrace Unique”…….

Here is a link: to a video we prepared to show some of what we do, please watch:

Supporting us by purchasing a “Embrace Unique” Boost Tee, will help us continue to support others.

Peace, Love and Happiness Always,


Lisa is the owner of Kaitlin’s Hideout, a play center for children with autism and a social, support and resource place for parents.