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Boost Kaitlin’s Hideout is Now LIVE!

Project Boost launched a two week fundraiser for us today.  Check it out

The goal is to raise the funds we need to continue and perhaps expand so we can support more families and offer more events.

You can support us by purchasing one of the awesome “Unique Boost Tees” created specifically for this project and/or send a monetary donation.

Please help us, help others! :)

Peace, Love and Happiness Always,



Project Boost Logo

Whenever i get a bit discouraged with the human race, in regards to what appears to me, to be a lack of concern for special needs children and their families, my faith is restored.

I was recently contacted by Shaun Emerson, founder of Project Boost, about his interest in helping to raise funds for our organization,

Admittedly, i was a bit skeptical at first since i have been approached by some less than genuine persons and organizations in the past. It seems as though the smooth talking, seemingly passionate, con artists come out of the woodwork whenever a new not-for-profit organization comes along.

My faith was once again restored. After chatting with Emerson, a lifelong entrepreneur, it became clear to me that he and his organization have genuine intentions to help children with Autism, Special Needs and their families!

So how does this Boosting thing work? A simple and very effective process of launching a project to raise funds for a worthy cause or event, selling specially designed t-shirts that are unique to the cause and asking for donations. How did this idea come about? Read here

Needless to say i am thrilled! We are a small, grass roots organization that struggles financially due to lack of funding. As our first year of business has come to a close just recently, we still find ourselves in need of financial support to continue to help hundreds of local families throughout the surrounding counties.

With the rates of Autism currently at 1 in 88 children in this country and in some states the rates are even higher, the need for support is increasing rapidly.

What exactly do we do? Read here

As we enter our second year, i have decided to revamp the entire center. I have learned more about the needs of the families and have come to the conclusion that we need to offer even more support.

We can’t do that without funding however. It is a struggle each month to cover the costs of the center and i am even working a second job to accomplish that so we can continue to support families. This project has the potential to raise the funds we need to continue and to expand to a larger facility.

Boost Kaitlin’s Hideout, is set to launch the week of July 17, 2012. Be on the lookout for more information on how you can snag a tee, spread Autism Awareness and help Kaitlin’s Hideout help others.

The theme of the Boost Tees melts my heart, it is focused on the idea of accepting the Uniqueness of our children with Autism, and they are comfy too!

T-shirts not your thing? You can simply make a monetary donation. I have never in my life been one to ask for money, but when it comes to children, especially children with Autism and other special needs, i find that i can.

So, i hope and pray that you will find it in your heart to support us one way or another, so that we can continue to help more children and families.

Peace, Love and Happiness Always,